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Bouquet de Fleurs

Bouquet de Fleurs

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As the name indicates, this tower consists of 5 floral flowers and blossoms.


INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus, Rose Buds and Petals, Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile.

Hibiscus (13g / 0.45oz): Hibiscus is a genus of several hundred species in the mallow family that are native to tropical regions throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. This species is commonly called roselle in many parts of the world, but is also known as sorrel in the Caribbean and as Flor de Jamaica in Mexico. The large, showy blooms are a vibrant color on the stem and retain their color when dried. Alone or in combination with other dried herbs, flowers and spices, hibiscus flowers make colorful and flavorful teas. Caffeine-free.

Rose Buds and Petals (7g / 0.25oz): These brightly colored blooms come from the Dog Rose, a species of climbing rose native to Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. It is this species that is depicted in European art and coat of arms designs to indicate heraldry. Dried rose buds and petals, which are a good source of vitamin C, are a colorful addition to tea blends and potpourri mixtures. Caffeine-free.
INGREDIENTS: Rose buds and petals

Lavender (7g / 0.25oz): Grown in the Provence region of France, blue lavender, also known as lavandin, is a hybrid species between English lavender (L. angustifolia) and Portuguese lavender (L. latifolia). The intense color of the flower buds make this variety desirable for use in crafts when visual presentation counts. Their scent is just as impressive, albeit more medicinal than other lavenders due to the presence of camphor. Caffeine-free.

Jasmine (6g / 0.20oz): Jasmine is a climbing vine in the olive family found throughout tropical areas of Europe, Asia and Africa. The rose-like blooms of the plant are prized for their beauty and delicate fragrance. Jasmine flowers, which symbolize motherhood, are made into garlands or worn in the hair. The flowers are also tinctured to produce perfume and are added to tea blends. Caffeine-free.

Chamomile (7g / 0.25oz): Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs in the world. This member of the daisy family is native to Europe, north Africa and some parts of Asia, and is cultivated elsewhere. The dried flowers are used to brew a tea renowned for soothing frayed nerves or an upset stomach. Caffeine-free.

Net weight: 40g / 1.40 oz

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