Our Story

The idea of Spicylux emerged from the unprecedented passion for cooking and discovering cosmopolitan recipes and flavors from all around the world.

As a couple we always enjoy traveling and experiencing authentic cuisines wherever we go. Although reviewing your photo gallery brings back snapshots of a memory, replicating a food recipe brings back a lot more.

That seafood coconut soup infused with basil and curry which you had in Sri Lanka, or that anise battered fried fish that you had in Egypt, or that heavenly truffle cheese ravioli that you had in Italy, these kind of memories ignite a different kind of spark in your brain.

With Spicylux, the flavors and aromas of the world and its cuisines are packed and assorted for your convenience and use.

It has always been a custom to bring back a selection of local spices and herbs and it has always been a challenge to organize our cabinet and preserve the spices the longest time possible.

In 2019, we were inspired by an innovative idea and designed vertically mounted jars which are screw fit one to another. Once we received the first batch, our spice cabinet has seen a major transformation. Look at the difference below.

Spicylux product line includes spices and blends, herbs, selection of tea and tea blend, seeds and bakery decorative sprinkles and toppers.



Our mission has become to organize spice cabinets for every household. It just cannot get anymore practical than this.
Our optimal goal is to give people ways to explore new cuisines and dive into new cooking experiences.


With pre-assorted selection of spices by cuisine, cooking has never been more practical.

Besides organizing the spice cabinet in an unprecedented style and class, our spice jars come pre-assorted and can be further customized based on your needs.
This eliminates the frustration of locating the needed jars for your recipe, and your most frequently used spices can be picked by a grab.


We've also done some research to figure out the actual spice consumption volume of an average household before it goes bad or looses flavor
and designed a jar that will contain just enough for you to consume at it's freshest state.

The spicylux concept allows you to take your favorite spices and herbs with you wherever you go, whether you're traveling,
going camping or on road trips, visiting friends and family and even keeping a stack at the office.