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Feel Good Tea Stack

Price $25.99
This tower consists of 5 essential tea blends.  Pearl Jasmine, Crimson Berry, Pomegranate White Tea, Tropical Fruit, Feel Good Flowers. (See...

Succulent Aromas Tea Stack

Price $19.99
This tower consists of 5 aromatic tea blends. Citrus Chamomile, Ginger Peach, Apple Cinnamon, Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint.  (See detailed...

Relax and Digest Tea Stack

Price $18.99
This tower consists of 5 must have tea blends.  Relax & Digest, Passion Fruit, Yogi, Oolong, Rooibos. (See detailed ingredients below). Net...

The Wellness Tea

Price $20.99
Feeling under the weather? The change in season got you? This selection of 5 teas has been made to ease any discomfort you may experience during...

Hearty Aromas

Price $19.99
This tower consists of 5 levels of hearty aromas.  INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon Chips, Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Cloves, Star Anise. Net weight:...

The Whole Mix

Price $24.99
These spices and seeds are used in cosmopolitan cuisines as much as in Indian cuisines. INGREDIENTS: Anise Seed, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves,...

Bouquet de Fleurs

Price $16.99
As the name indicates, this tower consists of 5 floral flowers and blossoms. INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus, Rose Buds and Petals, Lavender, Jasmine,...

Earthy Flavors

Price $18.99
Full and rich in antioxidants, this selection of tea blends is loaded with health properties and medicinal herbs.  Herbal Chocolate Chai,...