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Feeling under the weather? The change in season got you? This selection of 5 teas has been made to ease any discomfort you may experience during the cold winter days.

Cold & Flu Brew, Winter Blend, Black tea, Green Tea, Pineapple Papaya Green.
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Net weight: 2.64 oz / 75g 

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Feeling under the weather? The change in season got you? This selection of 5 teas has been made to ease any discomfort you may experience during the cold winter days.

Cold & Flu Brew (15g / 0.52oz): The perfect antidote to the discomforts of being under the weather. This blend offers a variety of tastes that energize the body and and comfort the senses. Ginger and anise seed excite your immune system, while peppermint and yarrow work soothe. Elder flower flushes out your system, and rosehips top you up with fantastic vitamin C. This light refreshing cup packs a punch! Caffeine-free.
INGREDIENTS: Peppermint, elder flower, rose hips, ginger, anise seed, thyme, yarrow, and calendula.

Winter Blend Tea (15 / 0.52oz): Diffusing the pleasant aroma of baking through the air, Winter Blend Tea invites warmth and comfort into the tea drinker! With a base of distinguished black tea, this exhilarating infusion basks in the scent of juicy oranges, sweet apples, and gentle cinnamon. Heavenly by the fireplace at any time of year! Black Loose Leaf Tea. Contains Caffeine. Black Tea is the completely oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Contains Caffeine.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea, orange peel, cinnamon chips, apple pieces, rose petals natural fruit and spice flavoring.

Black tea (15g / 0.52oz): Hearty and full-flavored, with an inherent sweetness and underlying malty note. This tea is Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP), which designates whole tender leaves rolled with substantial leaf tips, a guarantee of quality and consistency in both color and flavor. Contains Caffeine.

Green Tea (15g / 0.52oz): Comes from the same plant as black tea (Camellia sinensis), but is less processed so it undergoes less oxidation. Loose leaf green tea is used to make tea (what else?) and infusions. The leaf blends well with many other herbs, flowers and spices in tea blends. Liquid infusions are used in cosmetic preparations for hair and skin. In addition to this Chun Mee green tea we also carry a variety of other green teas. Contains Caffeine.

Pineapple Papaya Green Tea (15g / 0.52oz): Exotic tastes and colors create a tea that is delightful to brew and delicious to drink! Pineapple Papaya Green uses Chinese Sencha as its base, a green tea with slender leaves that produces a yellow cup and a naturally sweet flavor. The Sencha is accompanied by pineapple pieces and colorful cornflower petals. Delight in this sensational tea! Contains Caffeine.
INGREDIENTS: Sencha green tea, pineapple pieces, cornflower petals, and fruit flavoring.

Net weight: 75g / 2.64 oz



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