Relax and Digest Tea Stack

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This tower consists of 5 must have tea blends. 

Relax & Digest, Passion Fruit, Yogi, Oolong, Rooibos.
(See detailed ingredients below).

Net weight: 3.17 oz / 90g

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This tower consists of 5 must have tea blends. 

Relax & Digest (12g / 0.4oz): Unwind after a meal with our Relax & Digest Tea, a delicious herbal that stimulates digestion and loosens the mind! Starting with a splash of color, the red rose petals provide a gentle floral note, followed by the unmistakable chamomile to complete the wildflower bouquet. With the sweetness of peppermint, the bite of ginger, and the airiness of fennel, this pale cup keeps your body working while your mind rests! Loose leaf, herbal tea. Caffeine-free.
INGREDIENTS: Peppermint, ginger root, chamomile, orange peel, fennel seed, lemon balm, papaya leaf, and rose petals.

Passion Fruit (17g / 0.6oz): Streaks of golden fire permeate this fruit tea blend, as curls of dark black tea promise a full-bodied and incredible infusion. This Passion Fruit tea is brimming with goodness, with the naturally sweet flavor of black tea washed over with the floral tones of calendula blossoms! Savor this fruit tea in the winter or, for something more tropical, try it on the rocks at a smashing summer event! Loose leaf. Contains caffeine.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea, marigold petals, and natural fruit flavoring.

Yogi (27g / 0.95oz): This original herbal blend brings together the familiar spices associated with chai masala in a context all their own! With a permeating warmth in every cup, Yogi Tea celebrates a variety of different tastes that cooperate and commingle in the infusion: the sweet cinnamon, the fruity cardamom, the biting ginger, and the spicy black pepper. This delicious flavor parade is equally wonderful over ice as it is piping hot! Loose leaf, Chai tea. Caffeine-free.
INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon chips, decorticated cardamom, ginger, black pepper (cracked).

Oolong (12g / 0.4oz): Oolong teas linger somewhere between the oxidation of green and black teas. With a name that means “black dragon,” this type of tea combines the robust flavors of black teas with the lighter tastes of green teas. This Formosa oolong from Taiwan sits comfortably in the middle ground, featuring a complex and inherent sweetness swirled throughout a warm and inviting golden infusion. This tea is a true pleasure to drink! Contains caffeine.

Rooibos (22g / 0.8oz): When referring to the growing popularity of red tea, the world is talking about rooibos, a teal-like shrub grown high in the hills of South Africa. Each rooibos tea yields a caffeine-free beverage, extravagantly rich in essential minerals. It is enjoyed in South Africa throughout the day, both hot and chilled. With its mild flavor and soft citric sweetness, this velvety infusion is making waves around the world! loose leaf, rooibos tea. Caffeine-free.

Net weight: 90g / 3.17 oz



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