Succulent Aromas Tea Stack

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This tower consists of 5 aromatic tea blends.

Citrus Chamomile, Ginger Peach, Apple Cinnamon, Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint. 
(See detailed ingredients below).

Net weight: 3.07 oz / 87g 

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This tower consists of 5 essential tea blends.

Citrus Chamomile (7g / 0.25oz): Herbal teas with chamomile flowers are known for their ability to relax the body and settle the stomach and Citrus Chamomile Herbal is no exception! With its golden infusion and seductive aroma, this herbal tea is punctuated with red hibiscus flower petals and slivers of orange peel. Citrus Chamomile Herbal offers a fruity floral cup that tastes wonderful! Loose leaf, herbal tea. Caffeine-free.
INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, orange peel, hibiscus flower, natural and artificial flavoring.

Ginger Peach (17g / 0.6oz): Delicious and exciting, it takes a special fruit tea to mingle a variety of flavors successfully in the same infusion and Ginger Peach Tea is one such beverage! The invigorating spiciness of chunks of ginger is incorporated into the melange of hearty black tea and real pieces of peach! Somehow, this strong cup balances the two flavors, allowing rich sweetness and spiciness to work together for your enjoyment! Contains caffeine.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea, ginger, peach pieces and natural fruit flavoring.

Apple Cinnamon (25g / 0.9oz): This mouth-watering tea fills the room with the smell of Mom's apple pie! Apple cinnamon starts with silky red rooibos, a tea high in antioxidants and beneficial alpha hydroxy acids. Add pieces of real apple, calendula petals, and a dash of cinnamon to create a tea that is warming and festive. Naturally sweet and inviting, apple cinnamon tastes too good to be good for you, but it is! Loose leaf, herbal tea. Caffeine-free.
INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon, apple fruit pieces, rooibos, calendula (marigold) petals, natural and artificial flavoring.

Earl Grey (16g / 0.52oz): It's hard to imagine a more popular tea than Earl Grey! This amazing and visually appealing tea combines the dark full leaves of an Orange Pekoe with the indigo splash of cornflower petals. Beyond the stunning visual display, the sweet and succulent aroma of bergamot mellows the black tea with an invitation of fruitiness. Classic teas are classic for obvious reasons and Earl Grey is no exception! Contains caffeine.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea, cornflower petals, and natural bergamot flavoring.

Moroccan Mint (22g / 0.8oz): There is nothing that produces so fresh a feeling as the smell of mint in the air! Moroccan Mint is a simple tea that captures that feeling of freshness in every cup. Blended with gunpowder green tea, the peppermint leaves sooth the mind, relax the body, and feed the soul! With the health benefits of green tea, such as incredible antioxidants, Moroccan Mint is a rewarding experience through and through! Contains caffeine.
INGREDIENTS: Gunpowder green tea, and peppermint.

Net weight: 3.07 oz / 87g



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